The Great Georgia EarthCache Quest – Update No. 2 – Maybe I Need to Rethink This Just a Bit

Maybe I should rethink this quest just a bit.

No, I’m not going to scale it back and no, I’m not quitting…definitely not quitting, well, barring some catastrophic event anyway.  Even then, if I can find a way, I’ll get it done.

No, I need to rethink how I’m going to go about getting this done.

Here’s what got me to thinkin’…  Last Friday I had a great day caching.  I had a meeting to attend up at Young Harris College in the afternoon so I’d planned to try to log a couple of Quest caches on the way up and a couple on the way home.  As I looked at the maps of my Quest cache lists on and realized that if I drove up through Gainesville and Cleveland, Georgia, I could log as many as six during my trip…and I did…two virtuals, 2 EarthCaches and 2 State Park Caches.  Sounds great, right?  Right!

But something was bothering me.  Saturday morning I figured out what it was while I was enjoying my Saturday morning pipe and coffee out on my deck.

Friday was a whirlwind sort of day and I didn’t take time to really enjoy it.  I didn’t take time to read the informative signs, to really enjoy the short hikes, to learn a little something or to just really enjoy what I was doing.  Fortunately, I had been to all but one of the locations that I visited before so there wasn’t a lot that was new to experience.

Once I’d had that realization I knew that I needed to rethink some of the plotting and planning that I mentioned in my last update.  Rather than trying to squeeze as many caches into a day as I can I realized that I needed to slow down and enjoy the experience.  Instead of rushing from cache to cache I need to enjoy driving the backroads and seeing my home state.  Instead of just finding the tidbit of information at a cache that I need in order to log it I need to take time to read the interpretive signs and have a good look around instead of just looking ahead. I need to camp out on overnight trips and build a campfire instead of staying in a motel.  I need to make time to eat at the local barbeque joints and ‘meat & threes’ and to check out nearby hardware and antique shops.   So what if I have to go to some area twice or even three times and so what if the Quest takes longer to finish?

So I’m rethinking things just a bit so I can enjoy the process a bit more.

Now maybe you’re curious about the six caches I logged on Friday.  Well, here’s the rundown:  Click the links to learn more about each cache location.


Track Rock Petroglyphs and Soapstone (GC3TXMB)

Desoto Falls (GC5G8GY)


The Worm And The Rooster (GC87B1)

Appalachian Trail at Walasi-Yi (GC7B7KC)

State Park Caches:

Don Carter State Park (GC49W26)

Vogel State Park (GC27C2C)

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2 Responses to The Great Georgia EarthCache Quest – Update No. 2 – Maybe I Need to Rethink This Just a Bit

  1. Clare says:

    I’ve stopped doing as many timed challenges now, what’s the point if you have no time to stop, state and enjoy? Less rushing sounds like a very good plan indeed.

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    • mrbream says:

      Exactly! Was looking at a group of caches last night that I’d planned for some free time after a work Thursday. Decided to put one of four off for another trip. Began looking closely at the other three and noticed that one is on a hiking trail that’s a couple of miles long…SCORE! Then I noticed that there are a few other traditional caches along the trail…maybe I’ll look for ’em, maybe I wont. OK, we both know whats gonna happen. Or…maybe I’ll just wait on the other two caches I had planned (its a monthly trip after all) and just enjoy finding finding the state park cache I need for my Quest along with a few others and a nice afternoon walk in the woods. Guess I’ll wait to decide until I get there…

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