2018-10-27 – The Great Georgia EarthCache Quest – Update No. 3 – Hotlanta

Or maybe that should be Coollanta, fall has finally arrived.  Hopefully it will stay a few weeks.

Normally, going into Atlanta is something I generally try to avoid on the weekends.  I have to pass through town most every weekday to go to work and I’m generally not too excited when I have go into town during the weekend.  I’d much rather to poke around in the woods or go fishing on a pond or stream somewhere.  But…there was an EarthCache in the heart of downtown and two virtual caches in the Centennial Olympic Park area that I need to log for the Quest.  Soooo, I decided to head into town.

Since the EarthCache (Gneiss Cavern at Peachtree Center, GC374V4) is located inside the Peachtree Center MARTA station, I decided to drive to the College Park MARTA station and take the train into town then walk over to Centennial Olympic Park to work on the two virtual caches which definitely beats driving into town then having to find and pay for nearby parking.  Even though I’m not crazy about going into town, it’s always and adventure when I do.  There’s always something interesting to see, hear or even smell and getting there can be half the adventure, especially when riding MARTA.

The Peachtree Center station might just be the most interesting of the MARTA stations on the North-South line.  The station itself is carved into the gneiss bedrock about 120 feet below street level.  Instead of covering up the rock surface, it was left exposed in the station walls.

With Gneiss Cavern at Peachtree Center taken care of I headed upstairs to street level.  An interesting side note, if one rides the escalators or walks the stairs at the Peachtree Center station, you’ll get to see panels of a beautiful, black fossiliferous limestone.

Once at street level and outside the station, I could hear something that sounded like a helicopter hovering between the buildings that drowned out the rest of normal Saturday afternoon traffic noise along Peachtree Street.  Naturally, I had to check it out.    As it turns out, my suspicions were almost correct, a contractor was utilizing a helicopter to lift large pieces of scaffolding into place on the side of one of the downtown office towers.

With my curiosity about the noise satisfied, I headed on over to the park to find Olympic Virtual Relay:  Leg 1 – Fire & Water (GC7B9NK)…

and Olympic Virtual Relay Leg 2 – Spark & Flame (GC7B8XR)…


It’s been quite a few years since we’ve been to Centennial Olympic Park.  ConnieLou and I went a couple of times during the 1996 Olympic Games, one of those times being the night before Olympic Park bombing.  The park has changed a bit since then and seems like it’s almost always evolving…

I decided to check and see if the commemorative bricks we’d bought back in 1996 were still there.  Yep, they were.

While I was in the park Visitor’s Center looking up the location of our bricks, I decided to slip into the restroom for a quick pit stop but decided to make a quick exit when my nose told me that the guy in the stall next door wasn’t taking care of business but lighting up a joint instead.  Can you say awkward?

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