The Great Georgia Earthcache Quest – Update No. 5 – And In With The New

We didn’t get out to go caching on New Year’s Day.  I spent the morning tending some ribs on the grill and we all spent the afternoon piddling around and taking advantage of our last chance to be lazy before going back to work and getting back to the regular grind.

I knew that I had to make my monthly work trip out to Greensboro, Georgia and there were a few virtual caches not too far away in Athens that I wanted to do so I asked Jenna if she wanted to go.  I knew that she would probably want to go just to go caching but I decided to sweeten my offer with a lunch stop for sushi.  I wasn’t disappointed.

Friday morning found us driving east in heavy rain.  It rained on us all the way to Greensboro but the forecast called for the rain to taper off by lunchtime and just be cloudy the rest of the day.  Fortunately, forecast was right.  I did what I had to do for work and by late morning we were heading to Athens.  As we were leaving my jobsite we noticed a couple of deer by the side of the road.  We had just passed them when I noticed a buck behind some bushes.

Jenna wasn’t too sure what to think when I jammed on the brakes and threw the gearshift into reverse and hit the gas. She finally saw the buck I had seen and then we both saw the other.  We watched the deer for a few minutes before heading on to Athens for lunch at Inoko.

Our first cache stop for the day took us to a (sometimes) quiet corner of the University of Georgia campus to log ‘Break on Bridge’ (GC7088) where we found yet another buck.  This time, instead of a whitetail deer, the buck we found was made of metal.  The sculpture, known as “The Vigil” was constructed by two UGA art students in 2014.

From Break on Bridge we made our way to ‘Icon of Athens, Georgia’ (GC7B9PC), the metal Arch located at the north end of the UGA campus at Broad Street.  Friday afternoon traffic was heavy in downtown Athens and parking was scarce so we elected to do a drive-by to get the photo we needed…

After Icon of Athens we headed a short distance down the street to “Your Vision” (GC708A) to check out the mural…

We weren’t in a huge hurry to get home so we decided to make a little detour from our route home to log an Earthcache.  ‘ROCKDALE’ (GC61QH5) is situated on a patch of granite outcrop on the edge of Black Shoals Park in Rockdale County between Loganville and Conyers.  On the way to ROCKDALE we passed through the Haralson Mill Historic District where we saw the recently built (1997) Haralson Mill Covered Bridge…

Along with the Haralson Mill House…

And a former general store building…

We followed the Black Shoals Nature Trail a short distance to the GZ where we found a nice patch of granite with obvious signs of past quarrying.

We called it a day and headed home after adding another four yellow smilies to the map.

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2 Responses to The Great Georgia Earthcache Quest – Update No. 5 – And In With The New

  1. Clare says:

    look at all those yellow smilies on the map now! Doing good


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