Three O’clock In The Morning Is An Uncivilized Hour…

Three o’clock in the morning is an uncivilized hour.

Even for getting up to get dressed and ready for a day trip to The City that Never Sleeps, 3:00 is an uncivilized hour.  Yet that’s what we were doing.  We were out the door by 3:45 and were through security and at our gate at the airport in Atlanta by 5:00 for a 6:00 flight.

OK, here’s the deal.  The Harry Potter, A History of Magic exhibit has been at the New York Historical Society Museum since early October after its run at the British Library in London.

Being Potter fans, naturally we wanted to go.  We had hoped to make a trip before now but with the girls’ school schedules, my work schedule and holidays thrown in we just haven’t had the chance.  Jenna was due to head back to school this weekend and the exhibit closes in a couple of weeks so she finally convinced me to take a day off from work and go so we could see it before the exhibit closed.  It didn’t take a lot of convincing really.  Unfortunately Ashley wasn’t able to go with us.  Hopefully the exhibit will move to another city and Ashley will have a chance to go.  Honestly I wouldn’t mind seeing it again myself.

Mother Nature treated us to a spectacular sunrise during our flight…

Of course our pictures didn’t come close to doing it justice…

Once we were back on the ground we made our way to the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  Riding the buses and subways in New York is an adventure by itself.

We made it to the museum a couple of hours before our ticket time so we had some time to kill.  It probably shouldn’t be much of a surprise that we decided to log a few nearby caches.  Poppy Evolution (GC72DFM), a traditional cache, was a quick easy find outside the American Museum Of Natural History, located just across West 77th Street from the Historical Society Museum.

Resolve (GC15JBT), a Mystery Cache and Cleopatra’s Needle (GC59BR5), an Earthcache, took us into Central Park…

With a few caches under our belt we stopped for a cup of coffee and then headed to the museum to see the exhibit…

Photography wasn’t allowed inside the exhibit but someone who must not be named took a few pictures anyway.  I won’t say who she was but she solemnly swore that she was up to no good.

I’ve got to say that the exhibit exceeded all of my expectations.  Learning about the historical background on which J.K. Rowling based part of the Harry Potter book series made the series even more fascinating…and fun.

After our time at the museum we grabbed a bite of lunch then began to make our way back to the airport for our flight home.  We discovered that the subway station at the corner of West 79th Street and Central Park West also held a treat for us in the form of tile mosaics on the station walls…

Friday afternoon rush hour traffic and construction at LaGuardia Airport made getting back to the airport and to the correct terminal a challenge.  We’d left earlier to get back to the airport than we originally planned but we still missed our intended flight home.  No matter, there was another flight to Atlanta scheduled to leave 30 minutes later (which ended up leaving an hour later…hey, airlines get caught up in traffic too sometimes) and then three more flights after that.

And then we were home.  Mischief Managed…

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