TGGEQ Update No. 8 – On the Road Again

It’s been a long hot summer and I haven’t spent much time caching, at least not here in Georgia.  I managed to log 30 caches during mine and Jenna’s trip to Yellowstone National Park in July and a couple each on our trips to Congaree National Park in June and Great Smoky Mountains National Park in early August.  Until lately it’s been too hot to cache…OK, at least to cache comfortably.  How hot has it been?  Well, here’s a little graphic that described Georgia’s twelve seasons.  But wait…we only have four seasons, right, spring, summer, fall and winter, right?  Astronomically speaking, that is correct.  But when we’re talking about real weather in Georgia, there are twelve seasons.

Until the past week or so, we’ve been camped out at Hell’s Front Porch since late June.  We had a few days of False Fall and now seem to be heading into Second Summer.

Even though it’s been bloody hot, I’ve managed to log a few quest caches over the past couple of weeks.  Jenna and I made a second trip over to Congaree so I used the trip as an opportunity to check Flowing Wells Spring Artesian Well (GC7YYNQ) off my list along with A.H. Stephens State Park (GC27C6V).  Unfortunately we arrived at A.H. Stephens SP a little too late to tackle the Georgia Historic Sites GeoTour cache that’s also located in the park.


The next weekend was move-in weekend for Jenna for her last year at Flagler College.  Caching didn’t play into our schedule for the drive down but I was able to squeeze a few in as ConnieLou and I were heading home including Adel Lime Sink EarthCache (GC4BHPG), Northbound Nicety (GC454VV), and I75N Letterbox Travel Bug Hotel (GC675T3)

Fast forward a few days…it was time to make my monthly work trip out to Greensboro, Georgia.  Instead of driving straight there and straight back I decided to take a little detour through Flovilla and then through Griffin to pick up the Georgia State Park GeoTour and Georgia Historic Sites GeoTour caches at Indian Springs State Park (History Trail – Indian Springs, GC80HQ4 and Indian Springs State Park, GC27C6K) as well as a virtual cache, Stonewall Solitude (GC2028) in Griffin.

What’s on the horizon?   We’ll be heading back St. Augustine in a few weeks for a family event at Flagler so there’s potential to check off a few more of the rest area/visitor center caches along I-75.  A couple of State Park GeoTour caches and an earth cache or two might be possible.  As the weather cools I’m hoping to take a weekend trip to southwest Georgia, maybe a weekend around Savannah, and I really need to wrap up the ITP quest caches around Atlanta. Beyond that…well, we’ll just have to wait and see.

And just in case anyone is wondering…213 to go!

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