TGGEQ Update No. 10 – When in Rome…Georgia

Normally I would have put a new blog entry fairly quickly after the event but the past couple of weeks have been just a little weird.  But…its time I got my act together and get this down on paper or pixels or whatever.

Jenna was home from college for spring break and thanks to this nasty little bug that was going around, she ended up home for an extra week…and then some.  We’d talked about trying to go caching.  I knew that there was a nice cluster of seven virtual and Earthcaches in and around Rome, Georgia that I thought could be done in a day.  With a bit more study of maps and cache pages, we decided that we could visit each of the caches with minimum contact with other people.  To put our timing into perspective, our planned caching day happened to be the Saturday after The Great Toilet Paper Crisis of 2020 began.

We got ourselves up early, headed over to Carrollton then up Highway 27 to Rome.  No interstates for us.  Things got interesting before we even got out of the Newnan area…

Our first stop was in west Rome at What Used To Be (GCB6FB) to visit a marker in a Walmart parking lot.  Now a marker in a parking lot doesn’t sound all that interesting on the surface but once we’d had a chance to read the marker, it was interesting to try to imagine the facility that used to be located there.  No, I’m not telling what it was…no spoilers here.

Our next stop was at another virtual cache, the Chieftans Trail – Chieftans Museum (GCG00X).  Unfortunately, the museum was closed that day thanks to that nasty little virus, but we were able to wander the grounds a little and get the information we needed to log the cache.

We headed on down the road a bit to Ridge Ferry Park – Wetlands (GC7DRZB), our first Earthcache of the day.  As luck would have it, there happened to be a tricky little D3.5/T2 traditional cache, Wetlands Trading Post (GC1E1DD) at the same location.  I’m glad Jenna was with me at this location.  She’s as persistent as you can get when looking for a traditional cache and she finally came up with the container.  D3.5?  Yep, definitely.

Our next stop was at Capitoline Wolf Virtual Reward (GC7B6TH), a virtual cache in downtown Rome.

We took a break for lunch at Blue Fin Sushi & Grill, a local sushi joint that my friend and fellow Young Harris College alum, Chris Ozment, recommended prior to our trip.  Looking back, think this might have been the last meal we actually sat down to eat in a restaurant before that nasty little virus caused all restaurants to either close down or go to carry-out or delivery service only for a while.

After lunch we tackled an Earthcache, A Confluence In Rome (GC1G4KY), and another virtual cache, for the Love of Geocaching (GC7B6G7), both of which were located at the confluence Etowah and Oostanaula Rivers.  While we were there, we could see the Myrtle Hill Cemetery, located on a large hill (imagine that) across the Etowah and I told Jenna I bet that we’d somehow end up going there for one of the stages of our last cache of the day.

Sure enough, our last cache of the day, Ellen (GC7B6RF) took us to the cemetery and then beyond.  We had a bit of difficulty with the third stage but thanks to smart phones, the internet and a few clues in previous logs we were able to make an educated guess at the location of the final stage and luckily we got it right.

Who knows when we’ll have a chance to get out caching again but you can bet that we will just as soon as we’re able.

BTW, if you’re ever in Rome, be sure to take a good look at the City Clocktower on the hill near downtown Rome; don’t worry, you can’t miss it.  Be sure to look at it facing one of the corners between the clock faces.  What does it remind you of?  *Hint, it looks like an owl.

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