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TGGEQ Update No. 8 – On the Road Again

It’s been a long hot summer and I haven’t spent much time caching, at least not here in Georgia.  I managed to log 30 caches during mine and Jenna’s trip to Yellowstone National Park in July and a couple each … Continue reading

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The Adventurous Adventures of Lil Henz II:  Henz Goes Geyser Gazing

Or Lil Henz Goes to Yellowstone National Park… Stop #2 on Jenna’s Honors Capstone project tour…Yellowstone National Park.  The very first National Park.  Established March 1, 1872.  The granddaddy of them all. Given that Yellowstone National Park is nearly 1,600 … Continue reading

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TGGEQ Update No 7 – Moving Targets

Last September when I set out on this little quest I had a suspicion that the endpoint would become a moving target…and it certainly has.  Not really in a bad way, mind you, finding more caches is always fun. When … Continue reading

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TGGEQ Update No. 6 – Collect All Four

Plans change. I had all intentions of heading down to southwest Georgia to log several of the TGGEQ caches more or less located along the state line between Georgia and Alabama.  However, weather forecasts, up to and including Saturday morning, … Continue reading

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Three O’clock In The Morning Is An Uncivilized Hour…

Three o’clock in the morning is an uncivilized hour. Even for getting up to get dressed and ready for a day trip to The City that Never Sleeps, 3:00 is an uncivilized hour.  Yet that’s what we were doing.  We … Continue reading

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The Great Georgia Earthcache Quest – Update No. 4 – Out With the Old…

…the old year that is.  Goodbye 2018 and begone!  While 2018 wasn’t all that bad for me personally, I have too many friends and family members that have experienced losses, challenges and hardships and are ready to put 2018 in … Continue reading

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2018-10-27 – The Great Georgia EarthCache Quest – Update No. 3 – Hotlanta

Or maybe that should be Coollanta, fall has finally arrived.  Hopefully it will stay a few weeks. Normally, going into Atlanta is something I generally try to avoid on the weekends.  I have to pass through town most every weekday … Continue reading

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Niagara Falls…Slowwwly I Turned…

Niagara Falls…Slowwwly I turned, step by step, inch by inch…  Who else remembers the ‘Slowly I Turned’ routine from The Three Stooges?  The general gist of the routine is that Moe is telling Curly the story about how Larry stole … Continue reading

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The Great Georgia EarthCache Quest – Update No. 2 – Maybe I Need to Rethink This Just a Bit

Maybe I should rethink this quest just a bit. No, I’m not going to scale it back and no, I’m not quitting…definitely not quitting, well, barring some catastrophic event anyway.  Even then, if I can find a way, I’ll get … Continue reading

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The Great Georgia EarthCache Quest – Update No. 1 – Plotting, Planning and a Few Random Caches

(Logo Creds:  Jenna Davenport) As much as I enjoy adventures whose general plan is ‘let’s wing it and see what happens’, I also like adventures that take a bit of planning.  I like the pouring over maps to seeing where … Continue reading

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