I Just Had To Get Out…

It seems like it’s been raining since Christmas.  We’ve had flood warnings along our local rivers off and on for the past few weeks.  Just yesterday morning I saw several pairs of ducks swimming around in a pasture while on my way to Newnan to run some errands.  But today, what a gorgeous day.  The sky is blue, the sun is shining and it’s even warm!

I’ve been itching to get out and go wet a line.  We started watching the Daytona 500 this afternoon but my mind kept drifting outside.  Finally, at about the half-way point in the race I couldn’t take it anymore.  I boldly stood up and proclaimed to ConnieLou “I’m going fishing.”  OK, that’s not quite how it happened.  It was more like “Hey, you care if I go to the pond for an hour or two?”  Fortunately she didn’t care and it didn’t take me but a few minutes to round up my stuff and head out the door.

The pond was about two and a half feet low last time I fished it.


Not today.  It was full to the brim.  Guess I can’t complain too much about the rain.


There was a new feature along the shoreline in ‘my’ stretch of the pond.  Not sure where this log came from but I hope it stays put.  It’ll be a fish magnet this spring and summer.  Of course, it’s going to make getting my kayak in and out a bit more interesting, but hey, I’ll take it.

I was a bit surprised that the water in the pond didn’t look more like a YooHoo drink than it did.  It was actually in pretty good shape considering the rain we’ve had.  I was actually counting on a bit of color to the water.  The stretch of pond that I fish is a broad flat about 4 to 5 feet deep that extends between 60 and 80 feet out form the shoreline.  I was hoping that the bright sunshine would warm the stained water on the flat enough that a few fish would come up shallow in search of prey.  I fished subsurface patterns for about an hour and a half and came up empty.  I did have one good bite but I was a bit distracted watching the red-tailed hawk soaring overhead and missed it completely.  Hey, some days are just like that…but at least I got out, wet a line and soaked up some of that wonderful sunshine.  I feel much better now.

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