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Hot Weather Top Quilt – Another DIY

The dog days are upon us here in Georgia. It’s the time of year when the summer heat and humidity make life outside uncomfortable at best. Daytime temperatures are at least in the high 80s and more often than not … Continue reading

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Recon – Chattahoochee Bend State Park

Its funny how things happen sometimes. One of ConnieLou’s coworkers has taken an interest in hammocks recently and I’ve been trying to answer his questions and help him out. Unfortunately he doesn’t have any suitable trees in his backyard so … Continue reading

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Water, Water, Everywhere…

Water. Everyone has to have it. Everyone hates to carry it. A gallon weights nearly 8 ½ pounds. A liter weighs a little over two. Depending on how much water you carry it might just be the heaviest thing in … Continue reading

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Wings With a Twist…

I really wasn’t planning on putting up a new post tonight.  We were just going to grill up some buffalo wings and cook some baked taters for supper…pretty routine for a Sunday evening. A couple of weeks ago I’d noticed … Continue reading

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View From The Cache

Shop Till You Drop, Peachtree City, Georgia. Lots of folks nearby but no one paid any attention to me.

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View From The Cache

Lulu Walking/Jogging Trail Stop 8 – first cache in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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