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Chicken Marinade No. 37

It was time for a new chicken marinade. We’d used the buttermilk marinade I previously described several times and it time to move it down in the rotation and try something new. I spent a little quality time on Google … Continue reading

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An excellent idea.

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Get Out! And get off the paved road now and then… In the life of Theosus View original post

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Day 138 – Fernbank Forest Guided Tour

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Did you know that Fernbank Museum of Natural History was actually created in order to preserve Fernbank Forest,  the 65 acres of forest that sits in their backyard? Fernbank Science Center leased the forest for…

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You Know You’re Outdoorsy When…

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You Know You’re Outdoorsy WHen 1. You have to go to the bathroom in a public and think, can I just find a tree? 2. The thought of sleeping on the floor actually sounds comfortable…

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Day 128 – Imaginary Worlds & Four Seasons at Atlanta Botanical Garden

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This year’s Imaginary Worlds is stupendous! The Atlanta Botanical Garden artists outdid themselves! We love the orangutans, the gorillas, the unicorn…my oldest picked the ogre as his favorite.  You can see him trying to make an…

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We eat a lot of boneless, skinless chicken breasts. They’re convenient, relatively easy to cook and there’s a lot of different ways one can cook them. Unfortunately, we get in a rut sometimes and end up doing a few things … Continue reading

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52 of the Best Campgrounds in North Georgia

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Looking for a way to enjoy the outdoors, learn something new, and spend time with your family? Camping is the answer! Whether you are looking for a full-service option with water, electricity, showers, and plenty…

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First Impressions – Therm-a-Rest Down Pillow

I can hear it now. “You’re writing a post about a pillow, really?” Well…sure…why not? Most folks I know like a good pillow, even when camping. When I take the family car camping the one thing everybody makes sure they … Continue reading

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