Every Now and Then…

I read several blogs and bulletin boards related to flyfishing, hiking and camping on a fairly regular basis.  Every now and then I run across a post that speaks to me for one reason or another.  This evening I noticed this post on a blog owned by a fellow who goes by SargeVining on the HammockForums bulletin board.

In his post Sarge writes about getting started backpacking and how one doesn’t have to have the latest and greatest and lightest gear just to give backpacking a try.  Sarge is right on the money and it was one of those posts that I thought might benefit quite a few folks who read this blog and might be thinking of giving backpacking a try.  Check it out and give it a try…

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1 Response to Every Now and Then…

  1. sargevining says:

    Thanks for the kind words. I’ve been reading your blog as well and as soon as I figger out how to do it, I’m going to lin k it on my blog in a place where folks can see it. In the meantime, you and the folks here might enjoy the writings of another Texan:


    His wordsmithing far outshines any of my meager efforts and his photography is outstanding. To give you an idea of how good an ey he has, check out the pics on his “Camping With Strangers” post, and then consider that they were taken with his phone.

    Happy Trails, and Happy Hanging.


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